Stones I use & their Spiritual Meaning

Learn more about the different stones & materials I use in my jewelry & charms.



Provides calming soothing energy, promotes clear positive communication, channels negative energy into more positive vibrations. Helps to filter out stressful energies in the home or business. Also known as a lucky gambling stone or any luck in new financial ventures.

red aventurine

Red Aventurine

Stone of Action, helps to enhance & raise vitality physically, mentally & spiritually. Boosts confidence, strength, self assurance & the ability to make the best choice for your life. Excellent protective stone, guards against accidents especially during travel & theft.

green aventurine chips

green aventurine

Well known prosperity stone, it increases & brings opportunity in all forms, helps to manifest wealth. It carries a very positive “winning” vibration, increasing your chance in any goal or endeavor. It also helps to remove all the negative habits, thoughts & patterns so new, better things can grow.

red coral

red coral

Symbolizes happiness, brings great luck & attracts success. Safe travels over water. Gives the wearer wisdom and modesty, reduces nervousness, stresses & fears. Promotes a stable family life. Strengthens your ability of foresight to make better choices. Protective against envy & malice.

cowrie shells

cowrie shells

Traditional sign of prosperity to many african tribes, to have many cowries shells indicates wealth & royalty. Wear or carry cowrie shells in any form to always attract money to your home or business.

labradorite chips


For seeking knowledge and guidance. For self-discovery, it wakes up our inner spirit, intuition and abilities. Helps to shield the aura and strengthens our natural energies inside. Excellent for enhancing contact with ancestors & elevated spirits & guides. Calms an overactive mind but helps to focus on creating new ideas. Prevents energy from being “drained” by negative people or situations.



Protective stone, removes negativity, helps to ground and stabilize. Fights against psychic attacks. Also help to bring out problems or issues before they “explode”.



Calming, meditative stone, promotes peace and balance. Heals, brings emotional stability & inner strength. Helps to fight negative compulsive behaviors such as drinking, its known as the “sobriety stone” for this reason.

tiger eye

tiger eye

Courage, integrity and right use of power, stone of prosperity luck and good fortune, attracts a steady flow of money to the home. Protects one’s resources, reflects back malice or threats or negative intentions from others. Tiger’s Eye sharpens the senses, helping you to pay attention to details and prepare for positive action.

tiger iron

tiger iron

Tiger Iron is a combination of hematite, red jasper, and sometimes yellow jasper or golden tiger eye. A grounding stone that protects, especially from unexpected danger. Brings clarity, particularly clarity of knowledge, enables you to see the truth below the surface of whatever issue you are facing. Tiger Iron also helps with anything related to creativity and all types of artistic abilities. It strengthens & enhances vitality, confidence, willpower, and balance. Excellent stone for people wanting more motivation and good luck.

freshwater pearls

fresh water pearl

Promote sincerity, truth and loyalty.  Also is said to enhance personal integrity, soothes, calms, yet focuses attention on what needs to be done.

citrine chips


Bright energetic stone, it beings positive, vibrant energy anywhere it goes. Called the Merchant’s Stone, it is one to the most well known stones for its ability to increase money in the cashbox. Citrine assists in acquiring wealth & helping to maintain it. It’s a stone of abundance and manifestation, attracts wealth, prosperity, success and all things good. Encourages generosity and sharing good fortune. Citrine assists in all fast money ventures, and is especially helpful in financial speculation and for commercial success. Carrying Citrine in the purse or wallet attracts money and stops excessive money loss. Excellent professional support stone for all who work in sales, merchant banking, casinos, sports and fitness instruction, and the media.

rutilated quartz chips

rutiliated quartz

Energizing stone that gets things moving. Helps to enhance mental focus & decision-making processes. Attracts love and stabilizes relationships. Emotionally, it uncovers the causes of mental issues and hang-ups. It diminishes fears, ease loneliness and relieves guilt. Rutilated Quartz helps you get out of a rut with your life while stabilizing emotional and mental processes, clarifying thought patterns and emotional reactions. It deflects negative, unwanted energetic, psychic, and magickal interferences.

crystal quartz

crystal quartz

Known as a power stone for its many uses and ability to magnify & enhance the spiritual energy of whatever it is near. It directs, purifies and amplifies energy, which makes it great for manifestation work, healing, meditation, protection, and channeling. Crystal Quartz dispels and clears away negative energy and clarifies things in general. It helps to balance energy, enhances spiritual growth, spirituality and wisdom.

copper wire


Copper transmits and directs energy very well. Amplifies & strengthens the vibrations of whatever it is near. It balances emotions & has healing properties. It also attracts prosperity & love.